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This website is the property of Infinity Visa Consultants. Below we have provided our terms and conditions that you must comply with when dealing with us, our website, or any third-party service providers associated with us. 

The information while applying must be correct, as well as all the details, are given in writing as requested by the company. The company shall in no way be responsible for incorrect and distorted information submitted by the customer and their subsequent consequences.

The client is required to immediately notify the company of any changes in address, education, status, skills, training, job specifications, marital status or other details, and any situation that may affect their permanent residency opportunities in the future. The company will not be in trouble due to any delay encountered due to the customer’s negligence in reporting and providing the requested information.

We provide genuine and reliable up-to-date details on immigration law, but we cannot even foresee any future changes to the law.

The customer must respond quickly to our call for any details or documents when required.

Clients must accept and approve as appropriate for any changes made by the ministry of the applicant country regarding IELTS or other required tests during the Visa application process. The client is fully responsible for the result achieved in IELTS bands. The result and exam are the sole responsibility of the customer.

We will not be responsible for submitting the application and taking the process to the next stage until the full payment or fees due to the company are not paid for that stage.

We do not have to share the application number until the result is obtained. However, if desired, we can provide a screenshot of the application every fifteen days.

We have no control over the final decision after applying to the reputable department. The success of the process and implementation is not in our power. We will not be responsible for the application of a canceled user or client.

Once the application has been forwarded to the department by us, any changes made to the immigration law that may affect the outcome of the application will not be the responsibility of the company, along with any loss occurred.

It is our biggest duty to give healthy and advantageous advice even for the smallest points regarding the application. If you refuse our advice, you must confirm the same in writing for the advice received.

All documents and information provided to Infinity Visa Consultants by the customer must be true and accurate. Further, the client agrees to indemnify Infinity Visa Consultants for all damages incurred to the company due to any incorrect information provided by the client. The damage incurred is not limited to the legal cost incurred while fighting a criminal or civil lawsuit due to the client’s misinformation.

The client must agree to provide Infinity Visa Consultants with all necessary details, as well as documents that revolve around personal, educational details, business experience, and other information that may seem essential to the company for a successful transaction process from customers to obtain a visa.

The information provided by our website may change over time. We will not be liable for any damage due to this. Also, use the information provided on our website as general advice. The advice we give you through our website does not make us your advisor until you contact us personally.

Our website uses cookies to personalize you and improve your experience. If you disable our cookie storage on your system, we will continue to store the information you have provided on our forms. This information is shared with our partners so that they can send you offers about products and services related to you. This information is usually your personal information, contact information, and location. You can contact us at any time and prevent us from sharing your information with a third party affiliated with us.

Users and visitors of our website are not allowed to copy the content of our website without naming us as the author. If you choose to copy our content, you must provide the necessary reference for our website. If you add the reference to an article posted online, you must include the link to our website.

We change the content of our website regularly. Please visit regularly to stay up to date with the content of our website. It is your responsibility to be aware of the changes, even if we do not inform you personally.

You must agree to provide accurate and correct data in our forms. When you register on our website, you must also provide relevant information.

You are not allowed to post content that is offensive, indecent, or that posts hate speech. Any word racist or intent will only result in the use of your account.